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The Todai-Yale Initiative

The Todai-Yale Initiative


In 2007, The University of Tokyo successfully applied for the JSPS International Training Program (ITP), an international program of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. With the support of the JSPS ITP and in partnership with Yale University, through the "Human Resource Development of International Young Scholars in Collaboration with the "Todai-Yale Initiative" we are proceeding with the education and professional development of young researchers in the field of Japanese Studies to ensure they have the ability to promote their research to an international audience, and are planning the invigoration of Japanese Studies centered on Yale University.

In concrete terms, targeting all fields of Japanese Studies and Japan-related research in the social sciences and humanities, we are sending graduate students, postdoctoral researchers and assistant and associate professors to Yale University. Doctoral and higher level graduate students will be sent on the “Visiting Assistant in Research (VAR)” program, while the “Yale Summer Session” will accept principally first year Master’s students. Assistant professors and postdoctoral researchers will be accepted to Yale University as “Research Affiliates at the MacMillan Center.” The Initiative aims to nurture academics capable of carrying out research activities on the global stage, including producing papers and research presentations in English, taking part in events organized by The Todai-Yale Initiative, and creating opportunities for academics, researchers and students in the United States to meet and exchange ideas. Further, by publishing research results obtained through academic activities centered on Yale University, from this research center at Yale we hope to encourage the revitalization of Japanese Studies in the United States.

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